Mitsubishi Electric Around the World

Volume 1: What's for Lunch? Philippines

Ladies Lunch in the Canteen International Elevator & Equipment, Inc., A Group Company of Mitsubishi Electric

March 2018

Millicent Mae Denise C. Ocampo (4th from the left in the picture below) is a webmaster/marketing assistant working in the corporate division.

While she works as the Corporate Site webmaster for Mitsubishi Electric Philippines, she also manages press releases for Public Relations, as she is also part of the Marketing Section. Millicent also handles inquiries received from the Corporate Site and other means of communications, such as e-mails and phone calls.

Today, she chose to eat at the canteen in the office with her colleagues in the corporate division and ordered different “viands” (dishes) to share. The menu included bulalo (Filipino beef marrow and vegetable stew), lumpiang shanghai (Filipino spring rolls usually dipped in ketchup), fried bangus (milkfish), kare-kare (Filipino ox-tail and vegetable stew) with bagoong (fermented krill), adobong pusit (squid adobo), tinolang manok (Filipino ginger chicken soup with green papaya), and ampalaya con egg (sautéd bitter-melon with egg). Millicent and her co-workers enjoyed these dishes with white rice, the staple in the Philippines. They also ordered some fresh bananas and yema (Filipino custard candy) for dessert. “We Filipinos love dessert!”, she says.

For lunch, Millicent and her colleagues usually take a one-hour break to relax. Today while savoring their shared food, they talked about what they did on the recent holiday and mingled with other personnel from different departments.

Millicent eats at the canteen most days and seldom brings a packed or boxed lunch to work, but she does bring fruits and biscuits for snacks. She sometimes orders take-out meals from famous-name fast food restaurants or goes to nearby sit-down restaurants for lunch.

Although this is not a view from Mitsubishi Electric’s office in the Philippines, it shows the business center of the city where the office is located. Most of the buildings have installed Mitsubishi Electric elevators and some have also installed Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems.

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