Growth Drivers

Automotive Equipment


Environment & economy

We help make cars safer for the environment and more efficient to drive. Through the development of technologies for less fuel consumption in internal combustion engines, and of next-generation powertrain systems, we are helping to reducing CO2 emissions.

Safety & intelligence

We provide a broad spectrum of information services in automobiles that enable safer and more comfortable driving for everyone. We contribute to more driving pleasure with smart solutions that incorporate preventive safety systems, and integrate car-multimedia systems.

Smart mobility

Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of cutting-edge products to continuously satisfy the needs of the automobile society today and tomorrow. As we apply various innovative technologies, we are pursuing the infinite possibilities of the future of driving.



Marketed E-type axial rotation magnet as the first vehicle electrical component.


Began production of vehicle electrical components (dynamo starter).


Manufactured first car radios.


As a world‘s first, began mass production of alternators for use in passenger vehicles.


Launched production of the world‘s first electric power steering system.


Began production of the world‘s first GPS-equipped navigation system for OEM.


Started production of integrated intelligent power drive units for hybrid vehicles.


Began production of PHEV battery chargers for cars.


HERE and Mitsubishi Electric team up to offer advanced location services for autonomous cars

We aim to offer services to support cars with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) on the road today as well as to the fully autonomous, vehicles of the future.

Mass production of auto industry's first crankshaft ISG system for 48V hybrid vehicles

This innovative product will be used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but we will continue developing increasingly smaller, lighter-weight and higher-power ISG systems to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Field testing xAUTO autonomous-driving test vehicle—offering high safety and convenience

Testing has confirmed that our autonomous driving technologies operate well under various road conditions, including bad visibility during dense fog and snow.

EMIRAI 4 smart mobility concept car

This next-generation driving-assistance technology realizes safer and more convenient transportation.

Using road-surface projections and car-body displays to indicate vehicle movements clearly

This system projects large, easy-to-understand illuminated signals that are projected in clear view of pedestrians and other vehicles.

Driver monitoring system with wide-angle camera

The first system to simultaneously monitor both the driver and front passenger with one wide-angle camera, the camera recognizes the movements of both persons’ hands and controls various in-vehicle devices.